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Executive Officers

Executive Members at Large

Akele Atkins, Esq.


Barbara Mellion


Clifton Cooper, Esq.


Darren White


George Holland, Sr., Esq.

Jennifer Seibert


Patrice Waugh


Robert Harris, Esq.


William Patterson

Executive Members

Allie Whitehurst

Political Action Committee Chair


Deborah Thompson-Austin

Health Committee Co-Chair


Delores Thompson

Communications, Press and Publicity Committee Chair/Women in the NAACP (WIN) Committee Chair


Dondrea Morgan

Political Action Committee Co-Chair

Guy Bryant, Esq.

General Council

Kimberlee White

Civic Engagement and Community Coordination Committee Chair

Maleeah Flournoy

Imani Youth Council Advisor


Merlin Edwards

Housing Committee Co-Chair

Natre Burks

Imani Youth Council Advisor


Pamela Ferran, Esq.

Get-Out-to Vote Committee Chair


Patrice Waugh

ACT-SO/Imani Youth Council Chair

Raymond Bank

Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chair


Ronnie Turner

Housing Committee Chair


Roz Roy

Religious Affairs Committee Co-Chair


Stanley Cooper

Labor Relations Committee Chair


Terry Wiley, Esq.

Legal Redress Committee Chair

California-Hawaii State NAACP Executive Board Members of the NAACP Oakland Branch

Cynthia Adams, President

Pamela Ferran, Esq.

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